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Organic-SeoOrganic SEO marketing means free traffic, how Google ranks pages depending on several factors, these factors include relevancy, density of keywords and few other factors. In order to be Organic Seo Organic Seo ranked on top people use several techniques of SEO and such techniques are categorized in these two category: (there are more but today will focus on the most popular) the black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The white hat SEO is supposed to be compatible with Google rules and regulations, where as in black hat SEO all sort of techniques are used regardless of their compliance with Google’s terms and conditions.

The white hat SEO relies on ethical and legal techniques of search engine optimization, for example quality content is provided on website, quality back-links are used and even they pay Google to appear on top in search. On the other hand if we look at black hat SEO, techniques like spammy content are used. In this technique the keyword enriched content is used by website in excessive amount, whereas in reality that content is useful for visitors. Such websites might get huge amount of traffic in start but at the Google will kick them out one day. In short white hat SEO should be your first choice, though it could be too expensive or too cheap depending on the keyword.

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